2018 Washington Forest Collaborative Summit

The Washington Forest Collaborative Summit was held October 25-26th in Yakima, Washington.

If you are interested in the 2018 Summit and other updates from the next work, contact Jenna Knobloch: jknobloch@sustainablenorthwest.org

This two-day workshop is the annual meeting of the Washington Forest Collaborative Network. Participants will include: forest collaborative members from across the state, leadership from WA Department of Natural Resources and the US Forest Service, local and regional environmental advocates, the timber industry, tribes, recreation groups, and other important players in managing the incredible forests across the state. We will discuss innovative projects, updates about state and Federal forest policy, and the newest science related to forest management.

Objectives for Summit
• Networking and education
• Enhance the ability of collaborative partners and agencies to work together
• Share forest collaborative innovations and lessons learned
• Evaluate metrics and develop strategy for statewide reporting and communication

2018 WFCN Summit Agenda